Lockheed Martin has demonstrated a range of new smartphone applications designed to give soldiers the ability to download high-value tactical data anywhere on the battlefield.

In a recent live exercise Lockheed demonstrated a range of highly advanced smartphones, advanced mobile phones, loaded with applications that provide situational awareness, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, biometrics and information from unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Lockheed Martin-Defense Information Systems Agency demonstrated the hybrid tactical communications system, which combines satellite and commercial 3G technology at the 2009 coalition warrior interoperability demonstration (CWID).

Lockheed Martin’s IS&GS-Defense president John Mengucci said that the product demonstrates Lockheed Martin’s commitment to delivering systems that combine the best attributes of military technology with cutting-edge commercial products.

“This integration provides more affordable and powerful solutions to the warfighter, while still addressing special requirements for security and tactical applications,” Mengucci said.

The system would be made available to soldiers in protected, lightweight vehicle-mounted and manpack versions, which connect the smartphones with enterprise-level application systems.