New Jersey-based Defense Photonics Group (DPG) has delivered fibre-optic systems to the US Army, under a new contract awarded by the US Department of Defense (Dod ).

The US Army will evaluate DPG’s advanced Optical Harness technology for potential applications across the army’s rotary wing aircraft fleet under the technical risk reduction programnme contract.

The programme enables advanced testing of the Optical Harness, and furthers the potential integration of the technology onto existing military and commercial platforms.

DPG CEO John Husaim said the Optical Harness technology is a direct replacement for the wiring harnesses used on today’s aircraft, and does not require replacing the aircraft’s existing systems.

By using fibre-optic technology, copper wire harness weight in the aircraft can be reduced by more than 50%, Husaim said.

Fibre-optic systems provide immunity to electromagnetic and radio interference, making aircraft less susceptible to lightning strikes or dangerous electromagnetic pulses.