The US Defence Department has announced a possible deal to supply $526m worth of military weapons to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) under the foreign military sales programme.

The proposed sale comprises 362 Hellfire missiles, 15 AAR-57 CMWS, 21 AN/APR-39A (V) four radar warning receivers, eight AN/APX-118 transponders, 19 AN/PRC-117 radios, 15 AN/ASN-128D Doppler radars, six AN/ARC-231 radios and 15 data transfer modules / cartridges.

In addition, the deal will include engineering and installation, transportation, depot maintenance, communications equipment, support equipment, spare and repair parts, training equipment, logistics support and other related support services.

The US sees the sale as contributing to the foreign policy and national security of the United States by helping to improve the security of important allies in the Middle East. The weapons will allow the United Arab Emirates to deploy aircraft to assist the US in overseas contingency operations.

The major contractors from the US for the provision of weapons would include Lockheed Martin , Northrop Grumman , Boeing , British Aerospace Engineering, Science and Engineering Services and L3 Corporation.