Clark Energy Group has been selected by the US Department of Defense to develop a large scale solar power project at the Fort Irwin Army base in the Californian desert near Las Vegas.

The system will generate up to 1,000MW of power by utilising photovoltaic and concentrated solar thermal technologies.

Using the 500MW of installed solar power, the completed project is expected to yield up to 1,250GW of renewable energy per year, which will provide sufficient electricity for Fort Irwin facilities.

The Fort Irwin solar project is part of a test project for the Secretary of the Army’s Senior Energy Council that was formed to secure new means for sustainable energy resources for the US Army.

The US Army Corp’s Enhanced Use Leasing programme, which is helping the army for the solar energy facility, has commissioned the project.

The army uses the base as a National Training Centre to train soldiers in combat, while Nasa’s Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex uses the facility for space missions.

Clark will construct and manage the facility Assisted by Acciona Solar Power .