UltraCell and Protonex Technology have partnered to develop military fuel-cell technology and supply low-weight, portable power kits to soldiers.

Fuel-cell systems are used to power remote devices like night-vision equipment, global positioning system devices, radio systems and rugged laptop PCs. Some military vehicles can also be charged in the field with fuel cells.

The partnership between these two technology supplier companies will seek to establish a common standard for methanol refuelling solutions for military and commercial applications.

Through the partnership, UltraCell will integrate its XX25 and XX55 reformed methanol fuel cell systems, which target applications requiring up to 100W of power with Protonex’s Soldier Power Manager and Battlefield Power Manager products, powering between 100W and 1,000W applications.

UltraCell has already secured a contract with the US Army and is working to develop fuel-cell systems for mobile applications and increase the operational performance of equipment at high altitudes and temperatures.