The UK Ministry of Defence has contracted Miro Technologies to link the Online Work Recording & Asset Management system (WRAM) and the health and usage monitoring system (HUMS) for the Apache Attack helicopter programme.

WRAM Online will be used to automatically manage engineering and assets to update the electronic technical log to provide accurate usage data that could improve the intervals between scheduled maintenance by up to 20%.

Miro Technologies president and CEO Vincent Monteparte said that WRAM Online provides a unique capability for supporting deployed assets, un-matched in capability and proven stability.

“We hope it will make life easier for front-line troops and assist in keeping helicopters mission-ready,” Monteparte said.

The first phase of the project also integrates Apache with the on-board HUMS system provided by GE Aviation through a ground station to download the flight data and fault messages from the aircraft.

Future upgrades include providing a single-box solution for Apache ground maintenance support.