Thales has teamed up with Oshkosh Defense to submit seven vehicles for comparative evaluation testing as part of Australia’s Land 121 Overlander programme.

Phase 3 of the Australian Department of Defence Overlander programme will upgrade the defence force fleet with more than 3,000 light, medium and heavy military vehicles, as well as around 3,000 trailers.

Thales Australia and Oshkosh Defense are also competing for the Medium/Heavy Capability segment of Phase 3 that plans to procure more than 2,000 military trucks.

Oshkosh Defense is submitting five variants based on its US Marine Corps Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) platform.

The MTVR family of vehicles consists of highly protected, all-terrain, multi-purpose logistics vehicles to transport troops, materials or equipment that can also incorporate TAK-4 independent suspension system.

Thales will put forward two Bushmaster Single Cab vehicles, variants of the Thales Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle. These are highly mobile, mine and improvised explosive device blast-resistant military vehicles to support troop movement, command and control, engineer support and evacuations.

The Land 121 Overlander programme’s Comparative Evaluation Testing is expected to be conducted in October 2009.