Textron Defence Systems has announced successful testing of its XM1100 SCORPION networked sensor and munitions platform for the US Army.

Tests conducted at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico included verification as well as a successful critical design review (CDR).

As part of the tests, dispensing modules controlled by a Scorpion station were demonstrated in both urban and open terrain settings against single and multiple target arrays.

A single Scorpion station was shown to control up to eight dispensing modules.

Verification of the Scorpion’s fuzzed warhead sensor functionality and performance in different scenarios was also established.

The tests validated the Scorpion’s situational awareness, command and control, and target engagement capabilities.

With the completion of the CDR, the Scorpion team will work towards the final end-to-end, live fire test event expected to take place later this summer.

The next stage will involve the government development testing phase, expected to begin later this year.