Raytheon Company has demonstrated how network warfare can significantly improve situational awareness and targeting efficiency at tests conducted at Fort Benning in Georgia, US.

Raytheon demonstrated networked lethality to the US Army by linking emerging capabilities of the Multi-Function Radio Frequency System, Common Mast-Mounted Sight, and combat identification technology with fielded BCT sensors and weapon systems.

The fielded BCT sensors and weapon systems in the demonstration were the TOW Improved Target Acquisition System, Long-Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System and the Javelin Command Launch Unit.

Raytheon’s Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System provided integrated fire support and command and control capabilities during the test.

The demonstration also incorporated the Enhanced Position Location Reporting System data network, which is used by Army Stryker and Heavy BCTs.

Raytheon demonstrated to the army company-level sharing and cross-cueing of critical sensor information and the ability to more rapidly engage time-critical targets.

These networked solutions have been integrated with the army’s Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade-and-Below kit.

The demonstration used the army’s common operating environment protocols to support the programme.