The US Army has started a series of network and equipment verification tests for brigade combat team modernisation at its White Sands test range.

As part of technical field test, soldiers of the army evaluation task force (AETF) will test performance of unmanned ground and air vehicles, unattended sensors, unattended munitions delivery system and the support-network systems.

Test cases in different equipments include the small unmanned ground vehicle (SUGV), the class 1 block 0 unmanned air system (UAS), unmanned tactical and ground sensors (T-UGS and U-UGS) and the non-line-of-sight launch systems (NLOS-LS).

The testing involves passing target and image data taken from the future combat systems programme to the new army brigade combat team modernisation plan.

During the tests, images and data will be captured and sent in real time to a Humvee containing a network integration kit. These networked Humvees contain an integrated computer System with multiband antennas, a ground mobile radio suite, wideband networking and soldier radio waveforms.

The integrated equipment facilitates real-time communication between the command station and the frontline.

The testing stages will culminate in late US summer with the limited user test to shape production decisions in early 2010.