A report compiled by BMT Defence Services has identified key technology areas in which the UK military needs to invest to maintain an effective fighting force.

The 2009 land equipment (LE) operating centre technology management plan (TMP) has identified key needs including:

  • Improved protection for soldiers, vehicles and camps / bases
  • Improved power generation, storage and management
  • Less than lethal effects
  • Through-life management, including decreasing the weight burden on the soldier and platform
  • In-service support

BMT won a competitive tender from the UK Ministry of Defence in February 2009 to compile the 2009 technology management plan with related roadmaps.

A total of 529 out of the 550 projects were assessed with close cooperation from a number of project teams and roadmaps were produced for the five Nato domains: lethality, survivability, mobility, C41 and sustainability.

The project team identified operating centre technology needs, existing technology R&D activity relating to the LE operating centre and technology insertion points related to major project milestones.

BMT Defence Services head of systems Eugene Morgan said that developing a clear and auditable technology plan was a critical aspect of through-life capability management.