The US Army has chosen Rockwell Collins to provide an integrated video display system for the engineering and manufacturing development phase of the mounted soldier system (MSS) programme.

MSS technology is incorporated in the M1-A2 SEP V2, M2-A3 Bradley, M3-A3 Bradley and M113 medical evacuation variant vehicles.

The programme enhances mission effectiveness on the network-centric battlefield in the areas of command and control.

Under the contract, the company will provide mounted soldier display systems (MSDS) that include vehicle-mounted video distribution switches and an SO35-A helmet-mounted display (HMD) equipped with a full-colour resolution micro-display with a 35° diagonal field of view.

MSDS video distribution switch builds on the mounted warrior, land warrior and tank urban survivability kit HMDs.

The system’s vehicle video switch accepts the output from the electronic sensor and situational awareness systems in military vehicles and provides the display to the soldier while the SO35-A display control module, which is attached to the soldier’s vest, provides operator control.