The Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will begin the final phase of preparation for standby in the Nato response force (NRF-14).

The ‘Baltic Eagle 2009’ international exercise of the joint Baltic battalion will be conducted in Adaži military area, Latvia, from 2 to 17 June 2009.

The exercise includes the exhibition of modern weaponry and equipment, including third-generation anti-tank guided missile ‘Spike’, modern heavy 8×8 multipurpose transporters SISU, armoured personnel carriers SISU, personal assault rifles G36 and others will be used in the exercise.

Around 1,100 soldiers will take part in the exercise to test combat readiness level of the unit.

The exercise consists of three phases – force integration, field training and live firing.

The troops will be deployed in a military conflict region to conduct a wide scale of operations, including road march, and offensive and defensive tasks.

The six-month standby exercise scheduled by land force commanders of the Baltic states will be evaluated according to the Nato procedures.