US military officials and key defence industry figures witnessed a series of successful live firing demonstrations by weapons developer Metal Storm on 27 May 2009 in Las Vegas.

The company fired 3GL grenade launchers using training practice rounds at a vehicle target 275m down range.

Metal Storm CEO Lee Finniear said the operation was performed before more than 400 people at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada during the meeting of National Defence Industrial Association (NDIA) International Infantry and Joint Services Small Arms System.

“275m is a substantial target distance for a grenade launcher, but the trajectory I saw was excellent. Also, I immediately understood the practical benefit of three rounds, as I was able to deliver another two rounds without losing my aim,” he said.

“With a conventional grenade launcher the target would not have been neutralised.”

30 distinct live firing demonstrations with more than 120 rounds were fired and the operation was conducted by a combined team from the US and Australia.