The Indian Army has equipped itself with the first armoured regiment of the locally built main battle tank, Arjun.

The first Arjun regiment consists of 16 tanks (cumulative 45 Arjun tanks) handed over to Lt. Gen. D Bhardwaj, DGMF.

MBT Arjun has excellent mobility, superior fire power and protection, and is comparable to contemporary world tanks.

Some of the significant locally built technologies include Kanchan armour, hydro-pneumatic suspension, armament system, integrated fire detection and suppression system, system engineering and system integration of complex weapon platforms.

The tank has been designed and developed by Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment India (CVRDE) along with other defence research and development organisations (DRDO) and industrial partners.

The tank regiment will undergo conversion training and field practice for a period of three months.

The present total order of 124 tanks will be delivered by March 2010.