The German Armed Forces will soon be equipped with a new kind of ground surveillance radar, known as the BÜR – Bodenüberwachungsradar (BÜR).

EADS Defence & Security (DS) will supply the new radar which will enable troops to detect movements on the ground and at low altitudes with an unmatched precision.

EADS will supply 80 BÜR systems to the German forces starting in 2012.

The BÜR system is based on the latest electronic scan control technology “AESA” (Active Electronically Scanned Array).

Defence Electronics CEO Bernd Wenzler said that BÜR is a key project for giving radar technology a secure future in Germany and for enhancing protection of soldiers in the field.

With the delay-free electronic beam control, the radar can simultaneously perform multiple reconnaissance tasks. Each BÜR system can therefore perform the tasks of several conventional radars.

Defence Electronics, an integrated activity of DS, delivered the first of two system demonstrators to the German Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement for evaluation by the Bundeswehr’s Technical Centres.