The current US energy policy is a serious threat to national security – militarily, diplomatically and economically – according to top military leaders.

The allegation has been made in a report titled ‘Powering America’s Defense: Energy and the Risks to National Security’, prepared by top-ranking retired admirals and generals.

According to the report, fossil fuels, as well as the nation’s fragile electric grid, pose significant security threats to military missions and the country.

Dependence on oil weakens international leverage and undermines foreign policy making the country vulnerable to hostile regimes, the report says. It also burdens the military, reduces combat effectiveness and proves expensive – financially and in terms of human resources.

The Military Advisory Board (MAB) has called on the Department of Defense to take the lead in transforming America’s energy posture.

The MAB recommends immediate integration of energy security and climate change goals into national security and military planning.