The US Navy has awarded Lockheed Martin a US$10m contract to produce and support Multi-Function Towed Arrays (MFTAs) for the AN/SQQ-89 Antisubmarine Warfare Combat System.

The MFTA is the next generation passive and active sonar receiver configured as a long 3in-diameter array that can be towed behind surface ships.

It provides several enhancements to the legacy AN/SQR-19 Tactical Towed Array System (TACTAS) enabling greater coverage and increased capability and reliability.

The MFTA significantly contributes to the capability of surface ships to detect, localise and prosecute undersea threats and is a critical sensor for the ship’s combat systems suite.

The MFTA is the first new surface ship array to be built for the navy in twenty five years, Lockheed said.

This array will be integrated with AN/SQQ-89A(V)15 systems installed aboard guided missile destroyers and cruisers.

By staff writer