Cubic Defence Applications has received $20m in orders for the updated version of their laser combat training system, the MILES individual weapon system (MILES IWS).

The MILES IWS instrumentation is used during force-on-force training exercises to provide real-time feedback during weapons engagements, as well as an electronic record of their performance for after-action reviews.

In a military version of laser games, soldiers fire laser bullets toward opponents and the laser detectors determine whether they are hit. Player instrumentation consists of laser detectors worn on helmets and lightweight cloth harnesses, and a laser transmitter mounted to weapons such as the M4 and M16 rifles, M2 and M40 machine guns and the M249 squad automatic weapon.

The US Army placed its latest order for systems and spare equipment under Cubic’s 2005 contract with the army’s Programme Executive Office for Simulation and Training Instrumentation (PEO STRI). The technology is scheduled for delivery starting in August 2009.

Cubic and PEO STRI field-tested MILES IWS at Fort Irwin in November 2008. There were positive user reports about ‘look and feel’ improvements over earlier generations of laser-based engagement systems. The improvements include lighter weight components and improved weapons alignment.

To date, Cubic has delivered more than 13,500 MILES IWS systems to US and international customers.