The US army has awarded Lockheed Martin an order to produce ten reconfigurable close-combat tactical trainers.

The $30.5m order is to produce three close-combat tactical trainer (CCTT) reconfigurable vehicle simulators (RVS), seven reconfigurable vehicle tactical trainers (RVTT) and associated weapons training.

This is the second order for these high-fidelity training devices under a contract initially awarded in August 2008.

Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training and Support vice president of ground, maritime and civil solutions Jim Craig said that the trainers help soldiers reinvent how they prepare for their missions.

“CCTT-RVS and RVTT provide the realistic training environment for reconnaissance and convoy trainers while giving the army the flexibility to upgrade scenarios to meet future training needs,” said Craig.

CCTT-RVS provides reconnaissance and convoy training on a wide variety of wheeled vehicles, including multiple variants of the high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle and heavy expanded mobility tactical truck.

CCTT-RVS/RVTT fully interacts with the entire family of CCTT simulators, allowing them to interact with other systems and providing the ideal platform for future development. Users also benefit from geo-specific terrain databases which realistically represent areas within operating environments.