Canada will explore new methods to prevent, prepare for and respond to biological threats with a new research contract awarded to ImmunoVaccine Technologies (IVT).

The three-year research agreement was awarded by Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC).

The contract includes the preclinical application of the company’s DepoVax vaccine for anthrax antigens.

IVT vice president of R&D Dr Marc Mansour said that DepoVax is a very appropriate anti-anthrax vaccine because of the lengthy immunity it provides.

“Dr Les Nagata and his research team at DRDC are leaders in developing vaccines to fight deadly microbial pathogens and we look forward to this collaboration,” Mansour said.

“Because our DepoVax formulation creates a long-lasting immune response and comes in a dry format that is easily reconstituted, it is well suited for the development of an effective anti-anthrax vaccine.”

Infection with anthrax is potentially life-threatening and caused by a spore-forming bacterium, bacillus anthracis.