The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has ordered a new fleet of Springer all terrain vehicles to move vital equipment to troops on the frontline in Afghanistan.

The MoD has awarded a contract worth £7m to Enhanced Protection Systems Ltd (EPS) to supply 75 of the springer dune buggy vehicles.

MOD Defence Equipment and Support, chief operating officer, Dr Andrew Tyler said that the Springer dune buggy will be an added capability for troops in Afghanistan.

“This new vehicle will enable the delivery of vital equipment to front line troops. It is designed specifically for rugged desert conditions, which means it is well-matched to the operational environment in Afghanistan,” Tyler said.

Springer will have a crew of two and the ability to carry a combat load of 1t. Its role is specifically focused on moving combat supplies from helicopter landing sites into the forward operating bases.

The MOD is expecting to take delivery of the new Springer vehicle this summer.

By Daniel Garrun.