Raytheon has been awarded two contracts totalling $163.5m by the US army to provide 360° panoramic surveillance capability for Bradley fighting vehicles.

The firm-fixed price awards call for 822 commander’s independent viewer (CIV) units and spares to equip the US Army Bradley A3.

Raytheon programme manager for the viewer Kass Flockerzy said that the CIV would improve the vehicles hunter and killer capabilities.

“Raytheon’s CIV is a 360° azimuth panoramic surveillance sight that gives the Bradley fighting vehicle improved hunter and killer capabilities. CIV increases situational awareness and weapon effectiveness for the Bradley commander, and it contributes to overall force protection and mission execution.”

Raytheon Network Centric Systems has delivered more than 1,800 CIVs. The viewer is a second-generation infrared vision system for the Bradley fighting vehicle that provides the commander with a 360° battlefield view and includes enhanced capabilities for early threat detection from longer stand-off ranges.

The work under these two awards will be managed by Network Centric Systems in McKinney, Texas.