American Defense Systems (ADSI) has been awarded a $30m multi-year contract with US Marine Corps to armour the US Army’s construction vehicle fleet.

The contract was awarded the contract to provide add-on-armour (AoA) crew protection kits (CPK) and spare parts for various types of construction vehicles used in US military operations.

DSI’s chief executive officer, Anthony J Piscitelli said that the CPKs had already saved many lives.

“This major award builds upon the relationship when we first fitted the TRAMs (tractor, rubber-tyred, articulated steering, multi-purpose vehicle) with CPKs in 2005 and then a $15m award for CPKs in 2007,” Piscitelli said.

CPKs by ADSI are custom designed and fitted to offer a maximum amount of security for the operator. They feature windows of fully transparent armour, opaque armour siding, a patent-pending combat lock, tool-less emergency egress windows, fortified door hinges and an integrated crew comfort system.

The CPKs are modular and can be applied to the vehicle either during its assembly stateside or as a retrofit in theatre. ADSI employs FSRs that are on the ground in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait to train soldiers on the proper installation techniques and offer on-going expertise and assistance.

This award from the US Marine Corps is in addition to the more than $5m of CPK follow-on orders ADSI has received over the last six months from the US Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM).