The first expeditionary fighting vehicles of the US Marine Corps will be ready for testing in May 2010, the vehicle’s programme manager said.

Speaking at a DoDLive bloggers roundtable on 25 March, Corps Col. Keith Moore said that the Marine Corps operational test and evaluation activity will run the vehicle through ten to 12 mission-profile scenarios to assess the overall performance, as well as the reliability of the vehicle.

“We’re currently building seven new prototypes to that new design. Those vehicles are currently going through fabrication and machining the hulls at Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima, Ohio. They’ll begin assembly this summer,” said Moore.

“There is no other alternative to providing that capability for less or equal cost,” Moore said.

The Marine Corps EFV programme successfully released a critical design review in the first quarter of this fiscal year, allowing it to go into a second system development and demonstration phase.

The reliability testing conducted in December involved an overall reassessing of the total ground vehicle structure for the Marine Corps and a critical design review for the redesigned vehicle.

By Daniel Garrun.