The Pentagon has announced a new task force that will focus entirely on ensuring continuity and synchronisation across the procurement process for protective gear for soldiers.

Task force soldier protection will fall under Program Executive Office Soldier – an army agency responsible for developing, procuring, fielding and sustaining almost all soldier gear and equipment.

Task force head, al Dassonville said that the challenge was to synchronise all resources across the Department of Defense.

“We need to make sure we maintain the highest standards for our soldier protective equipment and to ensure we have got all the appropriate resources synchronised to bring the best world-class equipment to soldiers,” said Dassonville.

The new task force will ensure that army standards and policies for procurement of aoldier protective gear, including body armour, helmets and eyewear, are followed across all agencies and organisations.

Not all of those organisations are strictly army organisations, but the goal of Task Force Soldier Protection will be to ensure that they all know what their mission is, and that they all are following the same set of strict Army guidelines for Soldier protective gear.

Task force soldier protection is currently intended as a temporary organisation. In June, the results of the task force will be reviewed, officials said. A decision to dissolve or continue the task force will be made at that time.

By Daniel Garrun.