The UK has opened the Centre for Defence Enterprise, which aims to foster new technologies for the frontline.

The centre will bring together inventors, investors, entrepreneurs and academics to incubate new technologies and turn ideas to cutting edge reality, the MoD says.

Minister for Defence Equipment and Support Baroness Taylor says the centre is about tapping into the UK’s best talent to develop the next generation of military technology for the armed forces.

“We are looking for the innovative solutions and technology that will provide our front line with the battle-winning edge,” she says.

Building on the success of the Grand Challenge and Competition of Ideas, the centre will look for innovative proposals, the best of which will be taken forward as research contracts to produce the next generation of military equipment and technology.

It also seeks to stimulate wider entrepreneurial interest in the defence sector.

Innovators will be invited to regular seminars, further opening up communication of the MoD’s science and technology requirements.

By Elizabeth Clifford-Marsh