Boeing and the US Navy have delivered a proposal to the Brazilian Air Force, offering the advanced, multirole F/A-18E/F Super Hornet as part of Brazil’s F-X2 fighter aircraft competition.

In October 2008 the Brazilian Air Force selected the Super Hornet as one of three aircraft to be considered for the request for proposal stage of the F-X2 competition. The competition required a final contract award for 36 aircraft to be signed in late 2009.

Vice president of F/A-18 and EA-18 Programs for Global Strike Systems, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, Bob Gower said that the government had been actively pursuing the release of this technology.

“We are pleased to offer the Brazilian Air Force the advanced combat capability that the Block II Super Hornet delivers and we believe this proposal will meet the Brazilian Air Force’s operational requirements,” he said.

The Super Hornet is touted as the most advanced multipurpose strike fighter in production today with a proven performance of over 500,000 hours of flight time. The aircraft is the first operationally deployed strike fighter incorporating next-generation capabilities, including the Raytheon-built APG-79 Active Electronically Scanned Array radar.

Boeing has delivered more than 380 Super Hornets to the US Navy and Australia is procuring Super Hornets to bolster its fleet of F/A-18 Hornets.

By Daniel Garrun.