The British Army’s latest addition to its vehicle fleet, the 4×4 patrol vehicle Jackal, has been deployed in the Helmand province of Afghanistan.

Touted as a “revolutionary system”, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) says the 7t vehicle can rise more than a metre, allowing it to negotiate rough terrain or give occupants a better view of operations.

The Jackal features a unique airbag suspension system, allowing a smooth ride on rough terrain and provides a more stable firing platform when the vehicle is in motion.

It is capable of carrying combinations of .50 calibre machine guns, Heckler & Koch 40mm grenade launchers and General Purpose Machine Guns, the MoD says.

The Jackal has a 5.9l engine, with a top speed of 130km/h on-road and 80km/h off-road.

By Elizabeth Clifford-Marsh