Aptima has launched two tools that provide instructors and trainees using large-scale, immersive simulators with precise feedback for practicing and developing real-mission skills.

The Performance Workbench (PWB) and Performance Measurement Engine (PM), part of the A Measure software family, a system that assess human performance in simulators, were demonstrated at the I/ITSEC conference in Orlando this week.

Aptima says high-fidelity simulators are usually unable to produce quick and meaningful performance feedback for users, which can limit their training effectiveness and potentially impact field success.

PWB and PM allow trainers using simulators to define a wide-range of detailed performance measures to extract, capture and graphically display the results of practice exercises from raw simulator data and log files.

This enables pilots, special operations forces and commanders to hone the specific skills needed in environments such as urban warfare, flight combat and military strategy.

Aptima chief scientist Jean MacMillan says feedback is an important part of training.

“The end goal is to develop the abilities needed for the actual mission – and that requires having immediate, pin-point feedback so you can gauge and master what’s important,” she says.

“How far your plane was from others in formation, whether you hit civilian targets, how long you kept your radar locked on a target – these ‘details’ are largely missing or too complex and time-consuming to comb out of simulator data files.”

By staff writer