Chemring Defence Germany, formerly known as Comet, has announced the launch of three new training and simulation products for the defence industry at the i/ITSEC conference in Orlando.

The Micro-Pyro and Macro-Pyro systems break new ground in training and simulation technology, Chemring says.

The compact re-useable launch module and a slot-in disposable pyrotechnic card is unique and offer significant cost savings compared with conventional pyrotechnic simulating rounds.

The new systems have been developed specifically for training in urban operations, house-to-house fighting and indoor environments.

The base unit for the micro-system is a ‘Plug and Play’ device, into which an 11-shot Micro-Pyro Card – about the size of a credit card – is inserted.

During training, a sequence of simulated fire is created by electronically detonating a small (0.03g) charge, sealed into the card which produces a flash, a 120db bang and smoke.

The Macro-Pyro system operates on a similar principal but utilises a 3g charge and provides much more dramatic and louder results.

Chemring has also launched its Lightweight Gun Signature Simulator (Lgss), a universal, all-in-one Battlefield Effects Simulator (BES).

The LGSS, which can be operated either remotely via RF signals or via a hardwire connection, weighs less than 5kg, whereas similar devices currently in use can weigh 25kg, Chemring says.

By staff writer