CAE has announced the launch of a simulation-based intelligent deployment solution for first responders at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) in Florida today.

CAE Deploy provides operation decision support to emergency management service (EMS) organisations allowing them to achieve greater public safety and security by improving deployment times.

CAE Deploy integrates intelligent resource management, traffic prediction and simulation-based visualisation tools to enable EMS personnel to more effectively deploy resources, which can offer real-time team positioning data when integrated with existing operational systems.

CAE group president of simulation products and military training and services Marc Parent says the objective of CAE Deploy is to provide a solution that improves emergency management services for a community while offering improved job satisfaction for first responders.

“Emergency management is one area where we can leverage CAE’s experience and expertise in simulation to support a market that traditionally has not been exposed to simulation for operations and training,” he says.

“We plan to develop a range of simulation-based solutions that will support emergency management teams in planning, testing, training and deploying for response operations.”

By staff writer