Lockheed Martin says it is developing a new range of immersive convoy simulators for the US Marine Corps.

The Combat Convoy Simulator, available as Humvee and Medium Tactical vehicle replacements, allow entire units to train together in virtual convoys.

The simulators incorporate a modern, multi-threaded visual gaming image generator to provide textured, high-resolution, realistic visual detail.

During training, commanders and crew are presented with realistic terrain and threats, as well as re-supply, patrol, logistic support, high-value target extraction and medical evacuation scenarios.

Lockheed says the CCS builds on technology developed for the US Army’s Virtual Combat Convoy Trainer and Close Combat Tactical Trainer – Reconfigurable Vehicle Simulator.

Lockheed has also announced a team agreement with Sanmina-SCI to compete for the US Army vehicle communication upgrade programme.

The Vehicular Intercommunication System – Extended (VIS-X) competition, worth US$3.5bn, will integrate and support intercommunication systems in 54,000 army vehicles.

The two companies will offer an enhanced tactical vehicle version of Sanmina-SCI’s proven TOCNET intercommunication system for consideration.

The winner of the five-year contract is expected to be announced before the middle of 2008.

By Elizabeth Clifford-Marsh