Communications and information technology company Harris Corporation has developed software that will allow interoperability between radios used by UK and US forces.

US soldiers use the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) and UK forces use Bowman tactical radios, which are based on different standards and are not compatible.

Harris has developed a suite of cryptographic applications for its Sierra II programmable encryption engine to provide secure communications interoperability with legacy, hardware-based encryption solutions.

A test of one of the systems has confirmed the feasibility of communications interoperability between Bowman VHF radios and newly developed Software Communications Architecture used by JTRS, Harris vice president of communications security products Richard Rzepkowski says.

“We believe this application will enable US and UK commanders to securely coordinate on the battlefield,” Rsepkowski says.

“The technology could make interoperable communications among multi-national forces across a range of security clearance more feasible.”

By Elizabeth Clifford-Marsh