BAE Systems is working with the UK motor sport industry to develop new technologies for current and future armoured vehicles.

The UK Ministry of Defence says motor sport is a potentially valuable source of appropriate technology offering rapid processes for the high-stress, rapid-turnaround engineering needs of armoured vehicles.

BAE Systems head of vehicle support Mike Page says car racing technology offers fuel options for military vehicles in dusty conditions.

“Scout vehicles on ‘silent watch’ could benefit from the latest lithium-ion batteries, which are now lower-volume, higher-power and more reliable,” he says.

“We are also interested in low-cost LED lighting technology, with its low-power consumption and high-reliability.”

BAE Systems has met with Motorsport Industry Association (MIA)members to identify ways the two industries could cooperate.

The MIA represents s a wide range of UK motor sport companies supplying cutting-edge technology, cars and components to the industry.

By Elizabeth Clifford-Marsh