General Dynamics Canada and Secure Computing Corporation have unveiled a ruggedised firewall for use in military field communications systems.

The MESHnet Firewall is a conduction-cooled platform featuring Secure Computing’s Sidewinder firewall.

It protects communications equipment in tactical environments where the security of classified data is essential, by monitoring data flow to ensure only authorised data is exchanged and prevents intrusion attempts and viruses embedded in data flow.

General Dynamics Canada project manager Rick Bracken says the confidentiality of communications between armoured vehicles is crucial to troop safety and mission success.

“The MESHnet firewall consolidates all major internet functions into one, creating best-of-breed protection,” Bracken says.

“In addition, its conduction-cooled chassis and uninterrupted performance in harsh military environments make it ideal for mounted and dismounted military platforms.”

By Elizabeth Clifford-Marsh