Thales UK has announced major improvements to its Starstreak missile system, including extended range and improved guidance precision.

The Starstreak II has been designed to specifically address the threats presented by unmanned aerial vehicles, attack helicopters and light-armoured vehicles, Thales says.

The missile can be launched from lightweight land, sea and air platforms and has an extended range of more than 7km.

Thales says the system maximises levels of lethality, while accurate line-of-sight laser-beam riding guidance enables engagement of the smallest signature targets, which are extremely difficult to lock onto by ‘fire-and forget’ missiles.

Thales Air Systems managing director Steve Hill says the enhancements offer a real change in capability for users.

“The fact that Starstreak II can now defeat an increased array of threats is key in an environment where force protection is vital,” Hill says.

By Elizabeth Clifford-Marsh