SRC Computers is to work with Lockheed Martin to provide ground and airborne processing solutions for the US Army’s Tactical Reconnaissance and Counter-Concealment Enabled Radar (TRACER) programme.

The $40m TRACER contract, which was awarded to Lockheed Martin earlier this year, incorporates low frequency synthetic aperture radar systems into Predator class unmanned aerial vehicles.

The TRACER system is designed to allow the army to identify hidden targets, enemy equipment and facilities in broad areas of dense foliage.

SRC’s ground solution consists of an air-cooled SRC-6 computer system with dual microprocessors, two Series E MAP processors, Hibar crossover switch and common memory banks providing 32GB of storage.

The airborne signal data processor is comprised of a spray-cooled multi-MAP SRC-6, which is capable of operation to 25,000ft in an unpressurised environment and contains one dual microprocessor, four Series E MAPs and 80GB of memory in five banks.

The airborne solution is expected to be delivered in 2008.

Reported by Elizabeth Clifford-Marsh