A US military school is using 3D technology to ensure its students truly understand the machines they are working on.

The US Army 187th Ordnance Battalion Wheel Vehicle Mechanic School at Fort Jackson is utilising NGRAIN technology, which allows students to see 3D simulations of a vehicle and its components before they get to the real thing.

The software and 3D images replace traditional Powerpoint slides and two-dimensional images to allow students to see how to break down and reassemble a HMMWV – giving them virtual hands-on training, military.com reports.

School director chief warrant officer Harvey Jackson says the new technology is another way to ‘keep moving forward’.

“This is the path to go down right now. These young soldiers are really computer savvy,” he says.

“This is teaching them the way they grew up – with Xboxes and computerised things. This gives them a whole new dimension of thinking and they get it.”