iRobot Corp has teamed up with stun-gun manufacturer Taser to arm robots for the use of the military and law-enforcers.

The companies have paired iRobot’s PackBot Explorer with the Taser X26, Associated Press reported.

Moving to dispel fears of a Hollywood-style robot revolution, iRobot vice president of business development Jim Rymarcsuk says the armed robot will not be capable of operating on its own.

“Right now we have no plans to take any robot with a lethal-weapon to the market,” Rymarcsuk says.

“For this system, and all systems we have looked at, there is a human in the loop making the decisions. This in no way is giving the robot the capability to use force on its own.”

The system will be unveiled at a Taser conference in the US in July. No indication of when the system would be available, or how much it would cost, has been given.