Testing has begun on Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) rockets purchased by the UK Ministry of Defence, according to arms provider Lockheed Martin’s UK arm.

The UK has signed a £250m deal with the company, which will see UK troops benefit from precision strike capability to beyond 60km, and a much better degree of accuracy over such a long distance.

Lockhead Martin missiles and fire control director of UK launchers Reggie Grant says the deal will also include upgrade kits, spares and support, including 12 MLRS M27OB1 launcher upgrades and guided unitary rockets.

“The combination of launcher and munition will considerably enhance the effectiveness of artillery fire in support of combat operations,” Grant says.

Guided unitary rockets have both a unitary warhead and a multi-mode fuse, which allows troops to engage targets with pin-point precision in difficult environments.

The rockets are designed especially for use on artillery, air defence concentrations, trucks, light armour and personnel carriers as well as support troop and supply lines.

The US army has used similar unites since 2002.