Sagem has conducted Phoenix II battlefield trials for the French Army to reach its goal of developing new operational capabilities and advanced digital integration at the Mourmelon military base.

The trials aimed to test the digitisation of communications between infantry soldiers, coordination of optronic sensors, tactical communications requirements, and updates on enemy positions.

The Phoenix II programme covered three main areas, including warfighters’ ability to understand the tactical situation, increasing the robustness of tactical communications and combat continuity of information between mounted and dismounted units.

French DGA Phoenix contract manager Willy Lamal said that the programme enabled defining new operational concepts based on digital systems that were either being procured or under test.

“The manufacturers involved demonstrated the effectiveness of their solutions. These solutions were assessed by the DGA, while also enabling troops to discover their operation in the field and compare them to current systems,” he added.

A consortium including Cassidian, MBDA , Nexter Systems , Novadem , Eca and AEROPHILE along with co-prime contractors, Sagem and Thales took part in the Phoenix II demonstration trials.

The Phoenix I battlefield trials were conducted for the French army in 2007 and 2008.