Raytheon has deployed the first advanced extremely-high-frequency (AEHF) secure mobile anti-jam reliable tactical terminal (SMART-T) satellite communications solution to provide increased situational awareness to the US armed services.

Raytheon Network Centric Systems Integrated Communications Systems vice-president Scott Whatmough said that the AEHF SMART-T provides the user with increased flexibility and capacity to transmit voice, data and video.

The solution, compatible with both EHF and AEHF satellites, incorporates Raytheon’s extended data rate (XDR) waveform hardware and software modifications.

The XDR waveform provides increased bandwidth and speed, enabling tactical military communications such as real-time video, battlefield mapping and targeting data.

About 364 AEHF SMART-T terminals will be fielded to the US armed services through 2015, while an additional 19 systems will be fielded in Canada and seven in the Netherlands.