BAE Systems has delivered improved versions of the Scimitar recce vehicles to The British Army in Afghanistan to provide improved crew protection.

The company is upgrading five variants of the combat vehicle reconnaissance – tracked (CVR (T)) vehicle to the mk2 standard as part of an urgent operational requirement (UOR) programme.

In addition, the Spartan troop carrier, Samson repair and recovery, Sultan command post and Samaritan ambulance are also being rehulled.

The upgrades incorporate a range of design changes to the vehicle to improve mine blast protection, improve vehicle maintainability and reduce support costs while minimising weight growth.

The vehicle was previously upgraded to include a new engine, add-on armour and better engine cooling and air filtration to sustain while operating in hot and dusty climates.

Currently, more than 2,000 CVR (T) are in service with non-UK customers.