Cassidian has launched the OLISE electro-optical tester, which can be used to test smaller opto-electronic systems that are critical to live operations, at the DSEi exhibition being held in London, UK.

The tester, designed particularly for deployment in small, local workshops, can be used to test goggles, visible and infrared cameras, laser rangers and designators, sights and image intensifiers.

The field-transportable device can also be used to test optical systems on aircraft without the need to remove the equipment.

Any opto-electronic system suspected to be faulty can be screened and rectified with the help of the tester while the equipment is still in service where troops need it.

The device is the result of an internal study conducted by Cassidian, which revealed that on a land platform fleet of 450 vehicles a single line replaceable unit (LRU) type is expected to incur £4m of unnecessary no-fault-found (NFF) costs over a seven-year life.