The Malaysian Army has awarded a contract to Thales to integrate an advanced open vehicle electronic architecture system solution on its 257 new 8×8 armoured wheeled vehicles to meet demanding operational performance criteria.

The company will integrate the open information communication system (OICS), also known as VSys-net, on the vehicles to enable exchange of voice, data and video within vehicles and externally.

OICS combines a set of subsystems and specific equipment that allow the commander to manage the status of the vehicle components, assist navigation, provide an optimised situational awareness and enhance survivability during missions.

The solution will provide a consistent vehicle electronic architecture among the 12 vehicle variants, ensuring management of all platform systems in real time and enabling optimised support services.

The company’s Malaysian joint-venture, SAPURA THALES Electronics (STE), will supply the HF and VHF radio communications system for the 257 vehicles.

The Malaysian Army has also selected Thales’s 120mm 2R2M Mortar and the SQUIRE ground surveillance radar for the mortar variant.