Quantum3D is partnering with Intelligent Decisions to provide its ExpeditionDI immersive training platform for the US Army’s close combat tactical training – dismounted soldier training system (CCTT-DSTS).

The self-contained, wearable and fully-immersive close combat infantry simulator training platform will enable soldiers to easily and effectively simulate individual and squad-based close-combat exercises.

The training platform, designed to enhance tactical decision-making skills, features a high-resolution head-mounted display (HMD), a battery-powered wearable computing pack and advanced technologies.

Intelligent Decisions president and CEO Harry Martin said, “Quantum3D’s ExpeditionDI is cutting edge, and will enable Intelligent Decisions to deliver a fully immersive, virtual training environment to help the US maintain its military advantage.”

The dismounted soldier training system allows US commanders, soldiers and units to train virtually for improved quality of instruction and combat preparedness.