The Australian Government has approved the acquisition of over 950 new four-wheel-drive vehicles, and trailers and associated equipment, which will be used for training purposes by the Australian Defence Forces (ADF).

The combined first and second pass approval is for the acquisition of light and lightweight tactical training vehicles under Land 121 phase 5A.

The acquisition includes 950 new ‘G-Wagon’ four-wheel-drive vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, along with 200 modules and 830 trailers.

The modules will be manufactured and integrated onto the vehicles by GH Varley, while the trailers will be provided by Haulmark Trailers.

The Land 121 Phase 5A project aims to provide a fleet of tactical vehicles and an enhanced training capability to the Australian Army to prepare for operations in armoured vehicles.

The approved value is around $425m, while the Australian industry component is more than $100m.

The government has also approved another three defence projects for the navy and the total estimated $550m expenditure approval is part of the commitment to Australia’s national security of expenditure of around $3bn.