General Dynamics (GD) Land Systems is offering its Piranha 5 vehicle for the Government of Canada’s close combat vehicle (CCV) programme.

The vehicle, fitted with Rheinmetall‘s LANCE 30mm modular turret system, is the latest version in the Piranha family of wheeled combat vehicles that provides both track-like performance and strategic mobility.

The vehicle features advanced suspension technology that allows it to move anywhere providing reduced consumption of fuel, and low maintenance and lifecycle costs.

GDLS-Canada vice-president Danny Deep said that its offering will enable Canadian soldiers to fight, manoeuvre and communicate with agility and precise lethality in the battlefield.

The GD-led CCV team includes Rheinmetall and Armatec Survivability along with a supplier base of over 400 Canadian companies.

The CCV programme is intended to develop an armoured vehicle with high tactical mobility to deliver an infantry section in close combat and to support main battle tanks during operations.