The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) Ground Forces Technological Brigade has received a new all-terrain vehicle, the Sufa 3 jeep, to meet operational requirements.

The Sufa 3 has a load capacity of 1,053kg, is capable of speeds of up to 130km/h and can accommodate five passengers.

The IDF’s head of tactical vehicles Lieutenant Colonel Nissim Einat said that the automatic vehicle driven by a diesel engine featured an integrated and reliable radio system.

Additional features of the vehicle include a communication system, a special snorkel, a night lighting system and front and rear towing hooks to rescue the vehicle during emergency situations.

The vehicle, jointly developed by the IDF, Chrysler and Nazareth vehicle industrial plant, will replace the existing Sufa 1 and Sufa 2 all-terrain vehicles in the next two years.

The IDF has plans to procure around 500 of the new jeeps.